Working Title: Legend Lost

To find a legend, one must live on its pages.

Azena lies in ash and ruin.

Few know the legend of its king. None remember the peace that disappeared with him.

Gangs of Vor rake the land with fire, scavenging for their human commodity—the Outliers who await the king’s promised return.

Raised an Outlier, Kazma is used to hiding—her tracks, her scars, and her doubts about Azena’s king—until a flaming arrow sends her running into her worst nightmare.

Knowing the Vor will never stop hunting her, Kazma accepts a temperamental stranger’s offer of refuge at a secret school for gifted healers. But Kazma’s presence places them all in danger. To stay, she must prove her strength, skill and allegiance to a hopeless cause. As the Vor close in, Kazma must find meaning in the ancient stories or face the enemy that stalks her alone.


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